COVID-19 NOTICE:   The monastery is not receiving visitors at this time but is open for essential business only. The apiary is considered essential business but please contact us to schedule a pick up time before you arrive.  For the safety of our elder monks and  our community, we require all our customers to wear masks and gloves on the monastery grounds.

Contact Us


505 Holy Cross Road
Wayne, WV 25570


1 (304) 360-8061

We welcome you to pick up an order from our apiary
and to visit the monastery.

Please Call, Text, or Email Before You Visit

Make sure we know you are coming.
Our hours of operation change often according to our worship schedule.
We look forward to hearing from you.

COVID-19 Notice

We live together like a close family along with our elderly monks and monks with serious pulmonary and immune system conditions. The risk of transmission of the coronavirus to our monks with pre-existing conditions is extremely high! Please help us keep our loved ones safe.

We remain open for apiary business but ask that you call, text or email us for an appointment.
Please wear a mask and gloves.

No visitors to the monastery are permitted at this time—Essential business only.
Please visit our store online and ship products to your location.
Holy Cross Monastery Store

We sincerely thank you for taking these precautions.God bless you!


What to Wear For an Apiary Visit

Long, loose-fitting clothing. Veil or bee suit—optional.


What to Wear For a Monastery Visit

Out of respect for our faith and spiritual practices, we ask that all monastery visitors please follow our dress code for guests.

Pants (no shorts). Long-sleeved shirt (no T-shirts).

Head covering (scarf) at all times. Loose-fitting, long dress or skirt (below the knees)*.
Long sleeves. No makeup. No perfume.
*We can provide you with a scarf or wrap-skirt if you do not have one.


Safe Travels!