Shipping & Returns


The life-cycle of our bees depends on the weather that God gives us. We’ll do our best to ship your order on the target shipping dates, but the production and shipment of queens will be determined by the natural elements. Pray that God grants all of us good weather!

Your Items Are Free On Board

All of the items that you order from us are FOB (Free On Board). That means that when you order, you are paying a shipping company to pick up your order from us. Once the shipper picks up your goods, they are yours and not ours. You will be responsible for your items after they leave the monastery. If you encounter any problems with the shipping company, you will have to file a claim with them. We suggest that you refuse any damaged shipments, but you can use your best judgement. May God protect your bees!


Over-night Express or pick up at the monastery. These are the best methods to ensure the health of your queen. Unfortunately, USPS has experienced significant interruptions in their service over the past year and is no longer a safe option for shipping living things.


Local pick up at the moanstery only. We look forward to seeing you!


You can choose any method.


We cannot not ship honey bees internationally.



All returns require prior permission. Customer pays return shipping fees. A 50% restocking fee may apply when ten or more boxes are returned.

We will gladly ship a replacement and reimburse return postage for defective, incorrect, or short shipped items. Return postage is reimbursed at USPS Priority Rate.

Live Honey Bees

Unfortuntately, we cannot except returns and your purchase of live honey bees is non-refundable. When you place an order with us, you assume the natural risk of purchasing live insects, transporting them, or having them shipped to you.

We carefully verify that all of our queens are laying eggs before they leave the monastery. We cannot guarantee their viability after they leave our management. If you have your queens shipped to you, then you are assuming the risk inherent in shipping them.

Because there have been so many interruptions in delivery services and failure of shipping companies to accept claims, we highly recommend that you come to the monastery to pick up your queens, if at all possible. We do have guest facilities, and you are welcome to schedule a visit with us. God bless you!


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